Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Anyone who says there's a time limit on grief; hasn't experienced a true loss. 

Diary of a widow...

Dear Diary,

Life never prepared me for this. The pain of loss. The emptiness. It's all so hard to comprehend. I find myself searching for the meaning of words that seem so familiar; yet I know longer know their meaning. I hear people speaking; yet it's hard to make out what they are saying. It's all a blur. Am I going crazy? 

Grief. What does that even mean? Is that what I feel? Does it also cause insomnia, loss of appetite and wild bursts of emotions? Will I ever be normal again? 

And did someone say.. widow? Isn't there a minimum age requirement for that? I mean, my life is just beginning. It can't all be over that fast... can it? How am I suppose to manage all this on my own? 


Tears of a widow