Create a life

You can love!

Diary of a widow...

My mission is to connect with other widows. We all need a support system. I want to help others find a life they can love again. It's hard. But believe me, it is worth it. I want to help widows who struggle getting their life back together and teach them how to meet friends. How to change their financial situation and live a life they don't need a vacation from. How to continue to remember your late spouse while building a new life. How to keep your "widow card" and still be known for the person you are becoming. These are all things that I struggled with. And I have met and connected with thousands of widows that struggled with the very same things. We all want to be able to build a new life. But we feel so much guilt and we don't know what is "acceptable". Well I want to help you set the standards for what's acceptable. It's your life. You had to bear the pain of losing your spouse. No one else. They don't know your story. And the emotional pain we overcome is part of us. It's part of our journey; as is the scars on our heart.

Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone.