At the age of 21, after 3 short years of marriage, I was named a widow. My whole life was just beginning but in a sense, a huge part of it was ending. It didn't feel real. In fact, many years passed before I actually came to terms with the reality that Evan was gone. That was the shock. People talk about grief stages. What isn't talked about is the fact that you will visit, revisit and then visit those stages again and again. It's like a never ending cycle of emotions. I had to learn to cope with my grief, process the emotional pain and control my thoughts. It wasn't easy. I am now 31 years old and still to this day that is the most difficult challenge I've had to face in my lifetime. Being widowed is hard in more ways than one. You have to learn to live without a piece of your heart, how to survive a lifestyle built for two---- but now on one income. You have to come to terms with life is different. You lose touch with friends... And family, well they are grieving too. At some point you have to begin your life again. That brings more complications. You have to learn how to meet new people. You have to decide when you are ready to begin new relationships. So here I am. 10 years post widow. The past 10 years has taught me a lot. And it is my goal to reach other widows and help them cope with their grief and begin their new life. After all, there's new chapters of your life to be written!

Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Diary of a widow...