Family on paper

Dear Diary,

Today I got a letter from an aunt of Julian. She is really mad and upset with me I told the family they were only family on paper. It was my fault that they didn't know me and were not a part in our lives. 

She hoped I had some closure.. Say what? It has only been two months since Julian died. What is she thinking? Does she really have the empathy of a stone? No, a stone has more empathy than she has. 

It hurt her deeply, she was not invited to the funeral. Julian wouldn't have wanted that, so I did what I think was best for me. I haven't met her, I never heard of her in the 13 years I knew Julian. So she is not family, she is only family on paper. 
I wanted to write back, I wanted to say nasty words, but I didn't. I took the high road. She will not get the satisfaction of me being mad and hurt. I told my (ex) father-in-law that his family should leave me, and my son, alone! He was mad at his sister for writing that. I hope he told her to go F*** herself.


I am proud of myself for not responding to her letter..