Grief · 20. juli 2018
Dear Diary, My 'friends' and I booked a weekend near the sea. So I could have some 'me-time' and some air. We stayed at a bungalow a few miles away from the sea. We rented some bikes, so we could go the beach. It all started bad. One of us was late, hadn't eat breakfast so we stopped at a McDonalds. She wanted to eat it in the car, the driver and owner of the car was not pleased. She warned my other friend to watch out and not spill something. You can guess what happend next.... Right, she...
Grief · 19. juni 2018
Dear Diary, Today I got a letter from an aunt of Julian. She is really mad and upset with me I told the family they were only family on paper. It was my fault that they didn't know me and were not a part in our lives. She hoped I had some closure.. Say what? It has only been two months since Julian died. What is she thinking? Does she really have the empathy of a stone? No, a stone has more empathy than she has. It hurt her deeply, she was not invited to the funeral. Julian wouldn't have wanted...
Grief · 04. mei 2018
The funeral..
Grief · 27. april 2018
Our worst nightmare became reality..
Grief · 01. augustus 2005
This is a background story about our lives.